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8 important tips for a new twin, triplet or more parent

8th January 2019

Be prepared to be in awe: 

Of the fact that you have grown and given birth to more than one baby. It’s an incredible experience and one that only a small population get to experience.

Be prepared to answer questions, constantly:

You’ll be stopped in the street, supermarket, actually wherever you are, to be asked lots of questions about twins, triplets and more. Our favourite ‘are they twins/triplets/quads?’

Be prepared to seek out other twins, triplet or more parents:

It can be lonely, only other parents of multiples can really relate to everything you are experiencing. If you are feeling a little lonely and want to talk to a friendly person that has been in your shoes, local clubs can be a great support, there are lots of multiple birth meet up groups across the country. Don’t forget Twinline, is also a fantastic source of support and is always happy to provide a listening ear.

Be prepared to juggle (not the babies, just the way you look after them)

They’re both crying, which one to you go to first? You’ll soon become a pro at working out which baby is hungrier, in need of a change etc..

Be prepared to be tired

It is really tiring, there’s not anything that can really prepare you for that. Just know that it will get easier and you will be less tired. Tamba’s sleep resources are very useful if you need some tips on getting your babies to sleep.

Be prepared to become one organised parent:

You’ll be amazed how organised you’ll be. Have you ever seen a multiples parent getting their children ready for bed, it’s an assembly line!

Be prepared to let things go:

Sometimes it really isn’t worth battling everything to get out of the house for a loaf of bread. If things aren’t going your way and it’s not an essential trip then let it go…you’ll feel better for it.

Be prepared to step back and smile:

At the unique bond that you and your children have. We think you’re amazing!

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