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Twins' memory provides my motivation

17th February 2019

Sharon Darke

I am currently in the midst of training for the London marathon. I am so excited and it’s only 12 weeks away. I have had a vest made with both of the charities in my favourite colour!

I ran 16 miles yesterday with a friend, it felt long but good! I have been lucky that so far all of my long runs have been with friends- it can be quite lonely and boring otherwise for long distances. I have felt strong with each run although I do have a knee injury on my right leg which hurts during most runs and the following day. I am doing some leg strengthening exercise and being very careful to have rest days but think I might also try a massage. Fingers crossed that it does not stop my training.

I have a half marathon coming up in a few weeks at Hampton which I am looking forward to. Then I will begin increasing my long runs by a couple of miles each week up to 23 which I plan to do a month before. I also have a couple of 20-mile races booked up at Milton Keynes and Ashby which will be a new distance for me in a race. I plan to try to run them at marathon pace, 8:40. At Abingdon, I kept to 8:40 until the last couple of miles so it should be achievable although Abingdon was completely flat and I don’t think these are! I also have a few halves booked and I am particularly looking forward to The White Horse marathon where I am hoping I will feel like a PB is possible. (Not feeling it at the moment!)

When I got my magazine through the post I could not believe it.

I decided at the time that I would try and raise a bit of money. Straight away I knew that one of my charities would be Tamba and specifically the bereavement group. Tamba has been an amazing support to me since 1999 when my twins, Charlie and Joshua, died and I am now lucky enough to work for them part-time.

The other charity was a bit more difficult to decide. I narrowed it down to a type 1 diabetes charity, Oxfordshire Children's Diabetes Fund, as 4 of our immediate family have type 1.

So my link below tells a little more about my charities.


If anyone can just spare a few pounds I will be truly grateful. If anyone has any other ideas of things I could do to raise money please let me know. It would great to get some money for these two charities.

If you or someone you know has sadly lost one or more multiples we have bereavement support available here, including our information booklet, befriending support and private group




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