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A blog by me - Isabelle (aged 7)

7th March 2018 

My name is Isabelle and I’m a twin.  My twin sister is called Sophie. I’m seven years old and have two younger siblings, who are also twins. They are called Ben and Emily and they just turned one. I wrote this blog for Tamba on what it’s like being a twin. 

Life as a twin

What people say about being a twin

People say to me "Are you a twin?" "You don't look alike if you are." Sometimes they say “How marvellous!”

People think we should look alike, act alike, also that we should love each other. People say "Do you like the same thing?" but we DON'T!

Why being a twin is good and bad

Being a twin is good and bad because you've got to share a bedroom, a teacher, even share friends! As well as being bossed around by your twin, your twin being annoying and even stealing your toys! 

Sometimes I feel like she gets more presents, chocolate, hugs and attention than me. It makes me feel upset because I'm being left out. 

The worst things about being a twin is that I have to share a birthday and it makes me feel heavy hearted that I don't get a special day just to me.

The other worst thing is being called "the twins" because they just see me as a twin, not as Isabelle. It’s disconcerting that people can't see I have my own thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The good things about being a twin is that you always have somebody to play with. Furthermore, if I'm in trouble my twin would quickly run to protect me and I would do the same for her. My twin says that being a twin is good because you never get lonely.

Another good thing about being a twin is that we swap food so we only eat what we like. When we have a roast dinner, my twin gives me potatoes and I give her my carrots, though my mum still thinks my sister eats all the potatoes.

Being a twin is good when you can still be your own person. My mum has never dressed us the same. We both wear what we want. My twin likes pink and always wears dresses and skirts. I like blue and love wearing jeans and T-shirts. We also have different hobbies, my twin likes playing the piano and I like playing football and tennis (well pretty much any sport really!) I wouldn’t like to look exactly alike as how would people know it was me? 

The BEST thing about being a twin is that you get to blame them if you have been naughty. For example, I stole some cake and blamed my twin for eating it.

By Isabelle Newrick (aged 7)

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