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It's ok to not enjoy these things...

5th August 2018

When you and your partner found out you were pregnant you dreamt up amazing days out, planned mini adventures, came up with all the new ideas you could experience as a family, and tried to kid yourself they would all be magical.

They don't always end up being as fun as you first thought but you're not alone. It's ok if you don't enjoy these things...

  1. Clothes shopping

“Let's go shopping” – The words have left your mouth before you’ve thought about what you’re saying. Buying a new outfit for the kids isn’t as simple as heading to one shop and picking something out. Nope, there’s the new toy store and the pick n mix cart to try and coax them by before you get anywhere. And that’s before remembering they love hiding in the clothes and jumping out at people. Two hours in, no outfits, you’re embarrassed, they’re exhausted. At least they may sleep well right?!

  1. Family film nights

Here’s the dream. The family is all snuggled up under blankets on the sofa with perfectly popped popcorn and you’re all laughing at the film you picked out together. The reality….No one wants to watch the same film, you argue over whose turn it is to pick and ultimately someone is sulking because you got the wrong flavour popcorn.

  1. Board games

Someone accuses someone else of cheating. Someone loses again. Someone bursts into tears and threatens to never play this ‘stupid game’ again. And that’s just you. Who invented board games as a fun way to bond as a family?!

  1. Car journeys

Is any car journey fun? A quick 10-minute drive doesn’t seem worth it when the kids take an hour to get ready. You finally think they are ready, only to find they have odd shoes on and have hidden your car keys. As for the long journeys, you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve heard ‘are we there yet?’ and they’ve told you so many times that ‘they’re desperate for the loo’ that all you can think about is going to the loo yourself and now you’re more desperate than them!

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. We wouldn’t leave you without giving you some solutions. We can’t guarantee success every time but if you get one perfect film night out of 10 it’s got to be worth a shot!

  1. Online shopping. No temptations to pass by and you can get it delivered straight to your door which also helps with number 4. One less car journey!
  2. Make a chart so there are no arguments over who gets to pick the film. As for the flavour of popcorn, we vote for every flavour. No arguments there surely?!
  3. Keep practicing, you’ll beat the kids eventually. You just have to hope they aren’t bored with that game before you’ve mastered it! Taking it in turns to choose the game can also help make sure everyone stands a chance.
  4. They were tired after the original shopping trip right? Plan all car journeys after shopping trips so they fall asleep. Not sure this helps you get there in the first place but it’s a start. Another top tip, never let those car keys out of your sight!


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