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A Mum's Top Tips for Parents of Multiples

1st August 2018

Kelly McDonald, Tamba NI Coordinator

In January 2013 at a visit to the early pregnancy clinic with stomach pain, excessive morning sickness and severe pregnancy hormones I was told ‘Everything looks just fine’. Then there was a silence and an ‘oh, looks like there is 2 in there!’… I will never forget that day!

We were delighted but there was also a serious amount of worry - all I could think of was that we would be going from one child to three and our eldest James had just turned five.  We needed a bigger car, baby equipment for two, childcare and a huge amount of nappies – approx. 10,000 in two years!

I wondered how we would cope with two babies and there was an overwhelming emotional worry, but there was a lot of excitement as well.

After 37 weeks +5 I was induced and had a vaginal instrumental delivery.  Toby and Eve were born a healthy 6lb 15oz and 5lb 8oz and we were so happy to welcome two tiny bundles of joy to our family. 

The early days were a blur and tiredness was an understatement but we had lots of help from family and friends. The world of twins never ceased to amaze me, and the best bit…. DOUBLE the cuddles!

Toby and Eve will be starting Primary school in September and James will be doing AQE so it’s about to get super busy - sometimes I wonder how we got from newborns to now! 

I love my job as the NI coordinator for Tamba; it’s varied and most of all I love interacting with twin and triplet families and being part of their journey.

These are my top tips for an expectant parent of multiples -

  • Don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal to feel scared and worried.
  • Talk to other multiple parents.
  • Join Tamba.
  • Get to know your local health professionals at your maternity unit. They’ll be your go-to for any worries, questions and general information.
  • Look after yourself. You’re carrying 2 babies so you will definitely feel more tired and possibly sicker.
  • Talk to your employer as you may go on maternity leave as early as 30 weeks.
  • Look into tax credits, childcare vouchers, maternity grants and childcare costs etc to assess your options.
  • Find your local Tamba twins club – there is nothing better than sitting down with someone who is in your shoes
  • Fill your freezer!
  • Stock up on nappies.
  • Think simple outfits for practicality. Dressing and changing 2 babies is fiddly and washing baskets fill up very quickly!
  • Have your hospital bag packed from around 25 weeks and keep an overnight bag in the car just in case.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any about the birth or pain relief.  The more you know, the more prepared you will feel.
  • Most of all enjoy your babies. Take lots of photos, together and as individual babies, and make sure you make time for yourself!



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