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Things I'd Love my Kids to Say...

26th September 2018 

We’re all used to “I’m bored” and “I don’t want to do that”. And you’re normally greeted with a grunt or head nod to your cheerful “Have you had a nice day?”

But what if kids said these things instead…

Can I tell you about my day?

It sometimes feels like the kids are in training for a top-secret FBI job where they cannot give up an ounce of information. How amazing would this be?

I’ve picked up all my dirty clothes

Please… even once? We’d love to walk into our children’s room to see the dirty socks have made it to the basket and the clean tidy clothes you’ve just washed are neatly in the wardrobe rather than the floor.

I loved dinner

The groans when they’re told what’s for dinner is bad enough. The moaning all the way through it that it tastes ‘icky’ or ‘gross’ is worse. And if the beans are touching the potato, you better prepare for a meltdown! Imagine if they loved what you made…

Can I help you tidy?

What? Without being pestered? If miracles could happen, this is it! We wouldn’t even care if there was an ulterior motive for some extra pocket money.

It’s almost my bedtime so I’ve got myself ready

This would be ground breaking. This is normally the time for them to get super chatty about the day they’ve had. Yes, that same day that 2 hours ago was boring and uneventful!

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