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10 Reasons Why Having Multiples Changes Your Life Forever

4th March 2018 

1. Your once tidy home becomes chaotic. It actually looks like you are walking on the moon trying to avoid your offspring's belongings as you make your way to the kitchen.

2. Your body changes. A beautiful reminder of how your wonderful body developed and delivered those gorgeous babies.

3. You feel like you will never get a minute to go to the toilet on your own again. You will, but probably not for a few years yet! 


4. Holidays are all about how child-friendly they are.

5. You might have to give up watching Hollyoaks or watch it on catch up...oh no, you're too tired!


6. You have a front row seat watching a twin, triplet, quad bond grow. Such a special bond.

7. You have to answer lots and lots of questions - a four-year-old asks about 400 questions per day. So for us multiple mums and dads that works out as at least 800 questions per day! 

8. Going to a supermarket for a few bits in the evening feels like a treat. It's a night out, whoo hoo!

9. Your sleep may have to take a back seat for a while....who needs sleep anyway.....zzz

10.There's no other love quite like it! From the moment you see those tiny faces, you are overcome with love for them.

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