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We're soppy and full of love this February!

1st February 2018 

When that parent gives you an understanding nod and offers a little helpful tip at your weekly multiples club…..when you’re doing an online shop and your Tamba discount gets you 10% off…..when you cross the finish line knowing you’ve got a new personal best AND raised money for a worthy cause….or when, in the most fraught and stressful time of your life while your babies were in neonatal care, you had somewhere to turn for support. All those times you love, love, LOVE being part of the Tamba family is what we’re celebrating this month.

Throughout February we’re encouraging our supporters to Love Your Tamba. Whether that’s the lovely discounts you enjoy as part of your membership, joining a multiples club, getting help and support or setting yourself a challenge to raise money for the besterest charity in the world* we want to shout about it.

It’s also an opportunity to learn more about what we can do for you!

Did you know the discounts for members aren’t just for clothes and baby things? You can also enjoy savings on life assurance, holidays, experience days, wine and wedding planning.

Did you know we don’t just offer support while you’re pregnant? Helping Hands offers crisis support when life is really tough, we support local clubs so you have a network of friends close by, and we also offer support when the kids are older – helping with the tricky “together or apart” at school question and offering eLearning about adult multiples’ relationships.

And we LOVE it when you LOVE us back.

As a charity, we rely on generous supporters – many of who have been touched and affected by the work we do – to raise funds so we can keep on helping families of multiples. If the money stopped coming in, we’d simply cease to exist. Which is why we love hearing about your marathon runs, naming ceremony collections and bake sales. We know you’re a super busy lot, running around after twins, triplets or more, so we take our hats off to anyone who wants to fundraise. And hey, if a marathon does sound like too much hard work, a simple two minute text donation will make us smile too!

Help us spread the love this February. Please share this post on social media, tell your friends with multiples who we are and get in touch to tell us how we can help.

Love, Tamba x

*actual real accreditation, honest

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