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Why it's so great to have twins or triplets

14th January 2019

When you first find out it’s twins, triplets or more it can feel like quite a shock but there’s lots of reasons to be excited. What is your favourite thing about having multiples?

Here’s some of ours

  • Watching their individual personalities grow

  • Knowing they will have a best friend for life

  • They can entertain each other (which gives you at least 5 minutes peace and quiet)

  • They can entertain you! When they get going, they could be the next big comedy duo or trio

  • Seeing them encourage and support each other

  • So many cute photos! Because what is cuter than one baby? Two, three, four babies!
  • Only needing to remember one birthday

  • Hearing their inside jokes. You don’t understand but you love hearing them giggle to each other

  • Extra hugs and love. Coming home from work to multiple feet stampeding towards you for a big bear hug is the highlight of your day


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