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6 ways your mornings have changed since being a parent

19th October 2018

Remember those mornings before your offspring arrived? The alarm clock woke you, you’d prepare some breakfast and then take a leisurely journey into work.

Hmmm, things have changed a bit haven’t they? Since that little army that you created have arrived, mornings are unrecognisable chaos.

Do any of these sound familiar?:

- How many time do you repeat the phrase ‘please put your shoes on’? For us parents of multiples that’s got to be a lot!

- That realisation as your children get ready for school that not all of their uniform is ready. Cue sniff test or a quick wash!

- How many times have you been in a meeting, being extremely professional and you realise you have snot on your shoulder, oh and on your leg? Multiple snot!

- You are rushing to school and you spot toothpaste on the cheek of those cheeky faces. It’s ok to lick your finger or a tissue and wipe it off - right?

- You’re running out of the door. Sure you have the aforementioned snot but otherwise, you’re good. No, somebody always has a poo just as you are leaving. Now you’re late too!

- You realise that you have forgotten PE kit x 2 or 3 or 4. Please, please let PE be tomorrow!

Next time you forget something for school or peer down to some dried snot on your shoulder, know you’re not alone and you're doing a great job!

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