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10 Things Your Mum Never Told You

11th March 2018 

Being a mother is one of the most frustrating, but rewarding jobs to have. The best kept mum secrets are just how much she sacrificed for you. 

Here's 10 things she never told you...

1. You made her cry... a lot!. 

2. She always put you first.

3. She knows she isn't perfect. (But she always did the best she could do)

4. She carried you longer than 9 months. (It hurt her arms and back, but it was worth it, to hold you in her arms)

5. She was always afraid.

6. It hurt.

7. She watched as you slept. (And cherished those moments of peace)

8. She wanted that last piece of cake. (Even dared to hope you would offer a mouthful)

9. It broke her heart when you cried.

10. She'd do it all again.

Despite the sleepless nights and early mornings, the tantrums and the arguing, she wouldn't change a thing. Because she loves you with all her heart.

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