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What mums of twins or more really want for Mother's Day

16th March 2019

While we’re not going to be disappointed with a lovely bunch of flowers, some chocolates or a cute handmade card, there are a few things that would make the day absolutely perfect.

A lie in.

Not a huge one that reminds us of our teenage years but not getting up until 7.30am sounds like bliss. While we’re here. Who decided to put the clocks forward on Mother’s Day of all days?!

A trip to the toilet

Alone. With no audience.

A shower

While we’re in there, we’ve been craving a shower with no interruptions for about a year. We’re not asking for a bath, just a 5-minute shower.

A hot cuppa and some toast

It’s so cute when the kids bring breakfast and coffee in bed but right now we’re not that hungry for cold waffles or a soggy sausage that was half chewed by one of our twins on the way upstairs.

A cuddle

The best present of all. A cuddle with our favourite people.


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