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New Neonatal Guide released for Multiples Parents

11th April 2018

Neo Natal GuideHere at Tamba we’re proud to announce we’re launching an updated neonatal guide for parents of twins, triplets and more.

Multiples babies are more likely to need a bit of extra help when they first arrive, which is why Tamba has partnered with Bliss to provide this resource.

In the guide, titled “Multiple Births – A Parent’s Guide to Neonatal Care” we answer many of the questions parents may ask when they’re told one or more of their babies will need treatment in the neonatal unit. The questions include “how can I bond with my babies?”, “what happens if one baby goes home first?” and “what support can I get if I’m feeling overwhelmed?”.

The booklet also shares stories from parents who have been through the process themselves, to paint a clear picture of what neonatal care can be like from the perspective of mum and dad. Emma is one such parent who shared her experience with us. She said: “To bond with my babies I asked that I be there to feed and change them and I took my daughter with me every morning to deliver the milk to her sisters that I had expressed the night before. That way I was attending to all my babies and that made it easier to get through every day. I hate going home and leaving them. I would call before I went to sleep every night for an update on them. The day we brought them home was the day our family was complete. It was Christmas Eve and I had all my babies together under one roof.”

Many parents shared their experiences of finding a routine, to suit both themselves and the hospital. Hannah told us: “Leaving the hospital without the babies was heart-wrenching. However, we soon fell into a nice rhythm of getting to hospital for the 9am doctors round and spending the morning there, then popping home for lunch and sometimes a nap, before spending the evening there. I used to phone the unit at 3am when getting up to express, and the nurses were always happy to give me an update.”

Sample copies of the booklet are being sent out to maternity units across the UK, but it’s also available for parents to download from the Tamba website.

Helen Turier, Tamba’s Head of Family & Professional Support, said: “One of the main reasons Tamba exists is to make sure our families feel educated and fully prepared for anything that lies ahead. We’re here to provide lots of information on the multiple births journey, and for many of our families that also includes neonatal care.

“This booklet wouldn’t have been possible without the many people who got in touch with us to share their photos and stories – we’d like to thank everyone who got in touch offering to help.

“We’d also like to thank booklet sponsors Angelcare for supporting this project.”

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