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Never Have I Ever: Parent Edition

24th January 2018

If you’ve heard of the classic Never Have I Ever game, this is a slightly different version just for parents.

Give yourself a point for each thing you’ve done and let us know your score.

  1. Lied to your children about what time it is.
  2. Found yourself saying a classic parenting phrase your own parents used to say. 
  3. Spat into/licked a tissue and wiped your child’s face.
  4. Called one of the children their sibling’s name.
  5. Fallen asleep somewhere other than the bed or sofa. (Bonus point if it was in a public place).
  6. Been busted by your kids for having a secret stash of chocolate just for mummy/daddy.
  7. Screamed into a pillow.
  8. Bribed your children with treats or screen time.
  9. Said “okay” without paying attention to the question.
  10. Used your children as an excuse to get out of an event.
  11. “Lost” a particularly annoying toy.
  12. Invented an errand to get out the house for five minutes.
  13. Carried on watching children’s TV then realised there are no little people in the room.
  14. Incorrectly guessed what their picture was of.
  15. Been bitten by a child. (If their tantrums and biting is getting out of hand, read our behaviour page). 
  16. Found mouldy food down the back of the sofa.
  17. Been accompanied to the toilet by a no-boundaries toddler.
  18. Uttered the immortal line; “Because I said so, that’s why”.
  19. Caught sick in your hands.
  20. Cried at how proud you are of your kids.

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