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21 Signs You're a New Mum of Multiples

15th May 2018

Welcome to a wonderful new world – you’re a parent who now has twins, triplets or more to light up your life.

Whether you laugh, cringe or do a mix of the two, we hope you like our signs you’re a new mum of multiples….

  1. Dinner table talk about work gossip or the latest Corrie plot twist has been replaced with chat about poop consistency. And it feels totally normal to talk about it during dinner.

  2. Your daydreams about luxury holidays and sipping champagne on white sandy beaches have been replaced with fantasies of clean clothes and hot coffee.

  3. You celebrate “landmarks” you didn’t even know were causes for celebration – like five hours sleep (in. a. ROW) or full nappies. 

  4. You have a regimented 20-point list of things you need before you leave the house…then still have to pop back for something else.

  5. The songs you hum along to have switched from chart-toppers to cartoon themes.

  6. You’ve perfected a new way of walking so you can creep around the house when the babies are asleep.  

  7. “Fear of Missing Out” used to mean attending all the social events. Now it means watching the babies sleep in case they pull that cute dreamy face again.

  8. “Pre-drinks” used to be a prosecco while getting ready for a night out. Now it means making up the bottles while the other half does bath time. 

  9. You once would have been horrified about being on display in public. Now breastfeeding the babas means you no longer care what strangers think. 

  10. You speak about yourself in the third person. “Mummy just needs five minutes quiet time.”

  11. Accepting the stain is preferable to changing your top three times a day. Spit happens.

  12. Showers are five minutes. MAXIMUM. And hour-long baths while reading a mag are totally out the window.

  13. Your spirit animal is the octopus. Dummies, babies, nappies and lotion can all be juggled with expert precision.

  14. When a stranger approaches you’re already halfway through answering the “are they identical?” question on autopilot before they even open their mouth. 

  15. “Girls Night” and lunch meetings have been replaced by Multiples Clubs and reheated lasagne. 

  16.  Ponytail and make-up free is now your signature look. But you still rock it like Beyonce.

  17. The cooker clock is no longer a countdown to delicious home-cooked meals. It’s a countdown to when your partner returns and they can take over for a bit. 

  18. When you were a teenager, 9pm bedtime was a punishment. Now it’s a luxury.  

  19. You’ve gained new skills in cot building, wardrobe assembly and muslin folding.

  20. You’ve worked out a way to sneeze while remaining completely still and silent. Because sleeping babies must NOT be woken.

  21. You’re totally besotted with your babies. Because they’re an amazing blessing and you feel incredibly lucky to have them. 

Remember, at Tamba we’re here to support you all the way along your parenting multiples journey. If you have a burning question or just need to chat, call Twinline on 0800 138 0509. Volunteer multiples parents answer the phones 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm every day of the year. Alternatively, email asktwinline@tamba.org.uk

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