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9 Signs You're a New Parent to Twins, Triplets or More

27th December 2018

As a new parent you’ve probably found yourself doing lots of things you told yourself you’d never do. The reality is that once they’re born having a tidy house and looking presentable often goes out the window.

  1. You change your outfit more times than a model at a catwalk show. If only it was that glam, your costume changes tend to happen when there are one too many stains to go out in public!

  2. Either that or you’ve given up completely and no longer care that you’ve worn the same stained trousers for the last couple of days…!

  3. You find yourself rocking back and forth even when you’re not holding the babies. Not sure if this is a habit or you’re just trying to comfort yourself.

  4. Too often, the colour and size of poos has become the dinner topic

  5. You’ve given up dreaming of a luxury spa break. You’d give all that up for a hot 5-minute shower with no interruptions

  6. On the odd occasion that the little ones settle and go to bed straight away, you’re torn between taking a much-needed nap and tidying some of the house chaos

  7. The songs that are stuck in your head are no longer the latest chart hits. They’ve been replaced with nursery rhymes and kids tv theme tunes

  8. Leaving the house becomes a mission in itself. Maybe you should pack one more set of nappies

  9. Gone are the days where you had time to cook for yourself. If it takes 10 minutes or less, it makes it into the weekly shop

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