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Cash boost for Northern Ireland twin clubs

21st February 2019

We’re so pleased to announce that twin clubs in Northern Ireland have received a cash boost of £90,000 over three years thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund.

Kelly, our brilliant Northern Ireland co-ordinator will be able to employ another part-time staff member in order to support and develop the recently established network of Tamba Clubs in the region.

Twins clubs are set up in local communities and are for parents and carers of twins, triplets or more. The clubs meet on a regular basis and provide peer-to-peer support. Parents tell us they feel much less isolated and more confident as parents after attending a club.

Kelly McDonald, Tamba’s Northern Ireland co-ordinator, said: “This grant will make a huge, positive difference to the families we support and will allow us to help even more families with multiples in Northern Ireland.

“Tamba is the only organisation in Northern Ireland actively working to support twin and multiple birth families by establishing clubs which offer parents and carers of twins and triplets a chance to get together to provide mutual support and friendship.

“Parents tell us that being part of the clubs make them feel much less isolated and more confident, which in turn is better for the children being able to socialise and good for parent’s mental health and wellbeing.”

The grant will allow us to cover all venue and refreshment costs and make clubs accessible for all. Volunteers who run the clubs will be able to claim expenses and funding will allow us to help embed the clubs in each local community.

A big part of our work will be helping support the volunteers towards making their club sustainable beyond the grant.

Tamba will provide training to volunteers, access to all our booklets and factsheets (eg on feeding, weaning and potty training), and will also work hard on promoting the clubs to ensure we reach out to as many multiple birth families as possible.

We will also be able to spend time building relationships with other organisations which support our families such as Sure Start, TinyLife and Home-Start, as well as staff at twin clinics within NHS settings.

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