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8 things you don't have time for when you're a parent of twins or more

2nd January 2019

Having ‘spare time’ is something that pretty much goes out of the window when you are parents of twins, triplets, or more. There are so many things you used to take for granted.

  1. Getting dressed. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But when you have one, two or three little people popping into your bedroom every morning asking questions like ‘what’s your favourite colour? followed by ‘what’s your least favourite colour’ leisurely co-ordinating your outfit of the day is such thing of the past. Now it’s more like. Find something that fits. Put it on. Leave.

  2. Make-up routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturise. Er, excuse me? Those were the days! Isn’t it more like splash water on face, dry with a wet towel (they’re always damp aren’t they?) slap some cream on. Look for makeup. Shout ‘where’s my concealer?’ (cos that’s all you need) Find makeup. Put it on. Find mascara. Do an eye. Get distracted by children. Do the same eye. Poke eye. Take mascara off. Who can be bothered? Leave.

  3. A leisurely breakfast time. In every multiple household, whatever age your child is at, it usually goes along the lines of, make some toast. Put Marmite on one, Nutella on another (because they won’t want the same will they?) Do your toast and tea. Sit down to have yours with cries of ‘I don’t want toast’ ‘can I have water’ ‘I want marmalade’ ‘I want Nutella now’ and before you know it you’re up an down like a yo-yo fetching things, picking toast up from the floor, all the time thinking, no I’ll make them wait until I eat mine. You tried that once, it didn’t work. It does get better when they’re older – honest! One day, they’ll offer to make you a cup of tea and it’s like a chorus of angels singing in your ears!

  4. Long uninterrupted baths. I mean, no chance of that anymore unless you have one at 3 am. Your bathroom probably resembles a mermaid’s or a pirate’s one now with all the plastic toys around. And well you can just forget the scented candles.

  5. A nice cup of tea and a read of a magazine. I mean when is this ever really possible with multiples in the house? You now start to crave your commute to work on the train, just to have a frothy coffee and a nice sit down (if you can get a seat that is!)

  6. Browsing in supermarkets. Now it’s either do it all online and get it delivered (easier than taking the children with you when you’ll spend your time saying to people, “yes, yes they are twins” “yes, it’s lovely isn’t it, we are blessed, yes double trouble ha ha ha”. Even if you can shop when they’re at school you’re likely to be rushed so your mission is to get in, stick to the shopping list, and get out again.

  7. Watching TV. No, it’s not your TV anymore, didn’t you know that? Thank goodness for On Demand when you don’t have to miss your favourite soap because ‘someone, or two, or three’ can’t get to sleep. And pausing TV – best invention ever!

  8. Going to the cinema on a whim! Well, I mean you do have time to take in a film, but when you go it’s usually to see a kids film. Paying a babysitter can cost more than the film (unless you have Tamba membership of course which gives great discounts on going to the cinema!)  

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