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Not one, but TWO Winners Chosen for Tamba Award

31st January 2018

TWO volunteers who went “above and beyond” to help multiple birth families in crisis have had their dedication recognised.

Sarah Cahill and Zoe Woods received this year’s Tamba Volunteer Award, which was presented at the Norland College graduation ceremony. The support the two Norlanders provided over the last year for Tamba’s Helping Hands service has been so exceptional we simply couldn’t pick just one winner. 

Sarah has provided 84 hours of support to seven Helping Hands families.

Judi Linney, Tamba’s president, said: “Sarah is a huge champion of Tamba and speaks eloquently and passionately about the charity.

“She has taken on some very complex cases, including looking after a family going through a bereavement. She handled their case with incredible maturity.” 

Sarah shares this year’s award with Zoe, who has provided 45 hours of support to five families.

Judi said: “She supported families who have been in need of guidance and advice at a time of desperate need. Her hands-on support has made an amazing difference and has changed the lives of these families.”

Judi Linney and Tamba’s CEO Keith Reed attended the Norland College graduation ceremony on Friday, 26th January 2018, where Sarah and Zoe both received their awards.

The Helping Hands scheme supports multiple birth families in crisis. These complex and distressed cases may include a family who have lost a parent suddenly, suffered a bereavement of a child or parent, have a serious or terminal condition, postnatal depression, financial hardship or unemployment. Often there is a combination of factors. 

If you’d like to learn more about Helping Hands visit tamba.org.uk/helpinghands or to make a donation and support this vital service visit justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/tamba/helpinghands

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