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Offering a Helping Hand from across the pond

27th February 2019

A volunteer who continues to support Tamba despite living in New York has won an award from us in recognition of her unstinting efforts to help families in crisis and continuing dedication to the cause. 

Jo Bennet has made a huge difference to the nine families she has supported with her caring nature and can-do attitude. Her mum Gill collected her award which was presented at the Norland College graduation ceremony by Tamba President Judi Linney.

Norland has been supporting multiple birth families facing really tough times through Tamba’s Helping Hands programme.

Helping Hands was launched in 2014 and sees kind, caring and supportive qualified Norlanders going into people’s homes and helping families in crisis. This could be as a result of a serious illness for them or their family, a bereavement or mental health need.

Over the past five years they have given almost 3000 hours of help to families who are in desperate need by providing support and practical care all in their spare time.

But the support doesn’t stop there.

Norlanders have not only been giving their time but also raising vital funds which the service is reliant on to be able to continue to support families at a time of desperate need.

In August last year Emily Hamilton swam the English Channel in relay with two team mates in 14 hours. Meghan Fearne completed the 3 peaks challenge in under 24 hours exceeding her goal.

Emily and Meghan along with other Norlanders have raised over £4000 for Helping Hands this year to which we are incredibly grateful.

And our award recipient Jo Bennet has been supporting families in need since her graduation in 2016. She has offered her time to, amongst others, a family who needed an extra pair of hands while a parent was undergoing treatment for cancer, a family where mum was struggling with post-natal depression and needed reassurance and gentle guidance and a family with triplets, one of whom had a serious illness.

One family said on receiving the help: “She was fantastic! So friendly, personable and made me feel at ease.

“She is clearly very talented & knowledgeable & gave us real valuable relevant advice. And above all she made me realise that how I’m feeling & the worries I have are very common being a new mum & of multiples. She is caring, passionate and dedicated.”

So, not only has Jo supported these families with 50 hours of help, she completed the British 10k raising £660 for Helping Hands, offers advice and support within our Tamba special needs support group and even though she is now living in New York, she continues to support Helping Hands families with phone support in her free time.

If you’d like to learn more about Helping Hands visit tamba.org.uk/helpinghands or to make a donation and support this vital service please click here.


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