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Tamba supports Our Chance campaign

19th October 2016

Tamba is pleased to announce that it is supporting the Our Chance campaign for safer pregnancies.

The campaign is designed to help parents across the UK to develop their knowledge and confidence to maximise their chances of positive health outcomes for themselves and their babies.

At the heart of campaign will be a series of informative short films featuring mothers and healthcare professionals. They will share their stories and experiences on subjects including smoking and drinking during pregnancy, maternal mental health and gestational diabetes.

It’s hoped the campaign will provide simple and easy-to-use information which people may not necessarily recognise as being significant during pregnancy. For example, the importance of regularly attending antenatal appointments so health professionals can monitor mothers and their babies.

Here at Tamba, we know how important it is for our parents-to-be to remain safe and healthy during pregnancy, to best prepare their body for the new arrivals. We have a dedicated Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide by Dr Erika McAslan Fraser which can be downloaded if you register with us.

If you like to watch some of the videos and find out more about the Our Chance campaign, visit http://ourchance.org.uk/

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