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6 reasons why multiples parent friendships are the best!

3rd January 2019

Friendships rock. And let’s face it, multiples parent friendships rock on! Who’s got your back more when you’re having a bad day with the twins – a fellow twin mum or dad, that’s who!

Here are six reasons why multiple mummy friendships are simply the best!

  1. They hear ya! Yes, it’s OK to have a little moan about the children. And when you have twins, triplets or more, who’s better at understanding what you’re going through than a fellow mum or dad of multiples? Go on, get your whinge on!

  2. Playdate buddies. Your multiples parent pal will not bat an eyelid when you say you are coming over with the twins and your older child. No deep breaths or eye rolling here! Yes, it might be carnage with them all but hey, that’s the fun!

  3. They understand when you can’t get out of the house on time. They know, they’ve been there. Shoes get lost, toilets are needed, when one is dressed the other one (or two) has started to undress. Why can’t they all just STAND STILL AND NOT MOVE! Oh yeah, they’re children.

  4. No judgements. Most true friends won’t judge the state of your house, but mums and dads of multiples just get it. You have two (or three, or four) highchairs, a massive buggy which you keep hitting your legs on when you go down the hall, there are more toys, more mess, more fun?!

  5. Bump buddies. Talking about being pregnant with twins, triplets or more, your mummy of multiples friend will relate. They too were pretty huge, they too were told about the risks of carrying more than one baby, but hey you got through it and now have multiple bundles of joy!

  6. Best tips EVER! Parents of multiples learn things every day and sharing ways of dealing with sleep, tantrums, eating, schooling, well who better to chat things over with (apart from our experts at Tamba of course!)

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