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9 Times Disney gave us unrealistic parenting expectations

11th March 2019

Don't get us wrong we love being parents of twins or more... but we're not sure we were prepared for how hard it can be at times! Disney made life look so easy didn't it?!

Getting dressed with kids around is as easy as bibbidi bobbidi boo…

Being a parent is peaceful…

Food would seem to appear without effort. Dinner solved

You’ll still have the energy (or the time) to go out dancing

Finding an old antique will give us three magic wishes

The bed would get made each morning by birds singing a pretty tune

After a crazy day, it’s possible for our hair to still be on point

Promising them their dreams can convince someone to eat healthily

Double blow here. We thought we’d get to sleep for more than an hour and that we’d wake up looking ready to take on the day 

Ah well.... we still love time spent with our little ones

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