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What "Parenting Phrase" do you have Stuck on Repeat?

19th January 2018

The parenting moment that really makes you cringe is the second something tumbles out your mouth and you think “oh no, I used to hate it when my mum/dad said that”.

What used to irk you as a child are now the very things you find yourself saying on a regular basis to your own little ones.

Perhaps things like “oooohhh, school is the best time of your life - no responsibilities” and “if you don’t eat your crust you won’t get curly hair” are slowly being replaced with “no phones or tablets at the table” or “one more cartoon and then it’s bedtime” but there are some classic phrases which will never go away.

We recently asked our Facebook followers what sentence they find themselves saying over and over again. We’ve picked some of the most popular answers and listed them below. So park yourself on the sofa for two minutes and have a read. And if we’ve missed out your favourite, let us know in the comments here. 


Parenting classics…

“We’ll see (when they ask me for something I don’t want to give them, like chocolate),” – Christine

“Give me two minutes,” – Linda

“Go to sleep,” – Dani (Our handy sleeping pages have lots of information: visit the page for 0-12 months or 1 year +

“Get dressed,” – Sam

“Because I said so,” – Chris

“Let me have my coffee first,” - Emma

“Careful,” - Rebecca

Food for thought…

“If you’re full you won’t have space for pudding,” – Shannon

“That’s not for eating,” – Sarah

“Don’t eat your toys,” – Marilu

Things only a parent would find themselves saying…

“Have you done a poo?” – Laura

“Stop singing about poos and bums!” – Rosie

“Do you need a wee?” – Nicola

“Get out of the cupboard,”- Ben

“No, we don’t do standing up poos,” – Kez

“What on earth…?” – Deborah

When there’s mischief afoot…

“Get down!” – Catherine

“Stop tormenting your sister,” – Laura

“Don’t touch that” – Nicola

“Don’t steal her dummy, you have your own,” – Dawn

“Stop running and stop fighting,” – Charlene

“Stop biting your brother,” – Sarah (For tips on how to handle biting, scratching and other behaviour problems, click here

“Stop messing about,” – Helen

To the older ones….

It’s 8am, go to school, “ – Clare (If your children are in primary school or starting soon, click here).

“You’ll get bed sores if you stay in bed any longer,” – Clare

“Right, that’s it! Up to your room,” – Sharon

And finally….

We really liked this one from Zoe, who posted: “I asked my girls what Mummy says the most and they replied ‘I Love You’.”

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