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What they don't tell you about being a parent of twins, triplets or more

10th June 2019

Your kids will hurt you

Physically. Not just when they arrive. You’ll be enjoying a lovely cuddle when a leg flings out of nowhere in their sleep and clocks you straight in the chest. They will come running at you when they’re playing and accidentally take you out from all angles. They will use you as a climbing frame when they want to play horses.

You never get used to the smell

You didn’t realise such a strong smell could come from such tiny human beings. The sneezes, the puke, the poop. We’ll be honest, we’re just thankful when it lands on clothes rather than our faces most days!

You have never experienced heartbreak like this before

Every time they take a stumble and graze their knees. Every time they get upset that they can’t do something. Every playground insult that gets thrown around. It hurts so much to see them hurting. This is before we get to their teens where they decide to move out or go to uni. That is a whole different kind of heartbreak again!

Nothing is simple

You can’t believe you ever thought doing the washing was a chore before. It was so simple when you had one wash a week. Now it feels like the washing machine is always running and the laundry pile is never-ending. And let’s not even look at the pile of dishes that are stacked up by the sink or the last time you were able to shower alone….

White clothes are not your friend

See the previous point. You can forget those whites staying white in the first few years. You’re now happy if you make it out the house in ‘that top with the smallest stain’

There is no such thing as peace and quiet

Make the most of those silent moments where you get a bit of me time. When you have twins or triplets, silence doesn’t exist. Sometimes it will be a cry or a squabble but often it will be fun and laughter and when you think about it, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

They love you so much

They sometimes have a funny way of showing it as they hit their teens, but they do. They love you through the highs and the lows. They appreciate everything you’ve done for them. The love you unconditionally. Well, you and whatever game has just been released on the playstation!

Being a parent is a hard job. The pay is rubbish, the hours are long and there’s no such thing as a break. BUT, it is the best, most fulfilling job you will ever have

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