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9th October 2017

Government target to reduce stillbirths and neonatal deaths: We’re part of the solution

Premature twins

In November 2015, the Government’s set a target to reduce stillbirths and neonatal deaths, including multiple pregnancies by 50% by 2030.This commitment by the government, in partnership with consultants, midwives and other experts across the country aims to make England one of the safest places to have a baby.

Sadly, multiple births are one of the areas that need most improvement. Although multiple births represent a small percentage of pregnancies (1.6%) each year in the UK, they account for more than 7% of stillbirths and 14%of neonatal deaths.

This is why Tamba is investing, supporting, contributing and campaigning for change. We currently have 18 projects in progress that will contribute to the national efforts to reduce stillbirth, neonatal death, neonatal admissions and improve birth outcomes.

We have invested and supported research that will improve care for multiple birth families

1. Tamba is sponsoring a national Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Registry to drive improvement in treatment and care in these higher risk pregnancies.

2. Together with the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS), Tamba is jointly funding a review of treatment and care in triplet pregnancies.  This group saw a rise in poor outcomes in the latest national perinatal deaths audit by MBRRACE.

3.This jointly funded study will also look at treatment and care in monochorionic monoamniotic twin pregnancies too.

4. Jointly we are funding a study looking at using cerclage in twin pregnancies at imminent risk of delivery and stillbirth.

5. With the BMFMS, we are funding a study looking at indicators of prematurity.

6. We are participating in a study funded by the NIHR, and lead by the Tommy’s research centre at Edinburgh, called STOPPIT 2, which is looking at the use of a pessary to prevent preterm birth.

7. We are jointly funding a study into the review of single intrauterine death in monochorionic twin pregnancies and how to treat them.

We’re proud to say that some of this research has already come to fruition

8. Tamba funded the production of twin pregnancy growth charts and negotiated with the leading software producers to have them incorporated into their existing programmes for units who already use their system free of charge.  We are also looking to see how they can be made available for free for other units too.  There is ongoing research that is due to publish shortly validating the accuracy of these charts in practice.

We’re working hard with maternity units to identify and overcome the organisational barriers to the delivery of good care

9. The Department of Health has funded a maternity engagement programme that is working with 29 units to identify the barriers to delivering good antenatal care as identified in the NICE guideline CG129.  This programme is also looking at a range of tools to overcome these barriers in an attempt to improve outcomes.  An interim report on these findings is due out shortly.

We‘re working to ensure guidance for health care professionals is updated

10. Tamba highlighted the need to update the NICE guideline CG129 to extend it to include intrapartum care. This has been accepted and is in the process of being revised.

11. Tamba was a contributor to the updated RCOG green top guideline for the care of monochorionic pregnancies.

12 Tamba was a partner in the production of ISUOG Practice Guidelines: role of ultrasound in twin pregnancy.

We’re providing opportunities for Continuing Professional Development for professionals that are involved with the care of multiples

13. Thanks to support from the Department of Health, Tamba has a comprehensive range of free online learning resources for professionals and improvement practice tool kits.

14. Tamba has organised, supported or funded professional study days in London (recorded & available online), Liverpool (bookings being taken shortly), Birmingham (recorded & available online), and Edinburgh (recorded & available online).

We’re developing reports, taking part in reviews and a stakeholder for national audits

15. With our partners at the NCT, Tamba has produced submissions for the national Maternity Review in England and the review of maternity and neonatal care in Scotland. Both reports highlight the importance of providing appropriate care in multiple pregnancies.

16. Tamba fed into NHS England’s new maternity commissioning guide for CCGs, which also highlights the importance of providing appropriate care in these pregnancies. A representative is also a member of the NHSE’s maternity transformation stakeholder council.

17. Tamba fed into the latest version of the CQC’s inspection framework for maternity services.  The framework highlights the importance of delivering appropriate care in a number of areas.

18. Tamba is a stakeholder on national audits looking at perinatal deaths, the delivery of maternity and neonatal care and an evaluation of the stillbirth care bundle.

Thank you to everybody that support us – whether that’s by being a member, holding a fundraising event, volunteering for us. We couldn’t do this without you, you’re support is life changing.

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