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Question time with... 4 year old twins

26th June 2019

Ever wondered what the best job in the world is according to a 4 year old? Or where they think babies come from? We asked twins, Mia and Parker, all the important life questions.

Why not try asking your twins, triplets or more and seeing how their answers compare? We'd love to hear some of the responses.

1. How are you feeling today? M - Good, P - Good

2. What makes you happy? M - Unicorns, P - Mr Monks (his favourite teddy which is a monkey named Mr Monks)

3. What makes you sad? P - When Mummy tells me off, M- exactly the same as Parker, she has a tendency to copy him

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? P - Policeman, M - A Unicorn. P - maybe she wants to have a party with a unicorn and give it high fives!

5. What is your favourite food? P - Carrots (complete lie we have to really talk him into eating them), M - Broccoli (this is true)

6. Describe Mummy? P - She’s got lipstick on (I wasn’t wearing any and very rarely do), M -She's got clothes on

7. Describe Daddy? P - he has his work stuff on, M - Hair

8. Who is the prime minister? P - Umm Daddy, M - Mummy. (the battle is on now!)

9. What did you dream last night? P - Mummy was picking flowers and trying to find her way home (this was actually part of a dream I’d had that P heard me talking about), M - just tried to copy P again

10. What is the best job in the world? M - At Peppa Pig World, P – Marry the Queen

11. What would you like to do tomorrow? M - Go to nursery, P - Go to soft play

12. Where in the world do you want to go? M - Disneyland Paris, P - Space, in a rocket

13. Why do we celebrate Christmas? M - Because it’s winter, P - because it snows

14. Where does the tooth fairy live? M - A long way away in a house, P - in a fairy house in Africa

15. What is your favourite animal? P - Tiger because it runs fast, M - TRex because it can jump (when I mentioned this later she said she meant a Kangaroo!)

16. What makes you laugh? P - When Mummy says a funny joke, M - unicorns

17. Are you going to get married? Both yes. P - to Mia, M - to Mummy. After marrying the Queen as well, P is going to be very busy!

18. Tell me a secret? M - I don’t know any, P - Andy is going to marry nobody (Andy is one of their childminders and he is already married to their other childminder Jo)

19. Where do babies come from? M - Some peoples tummies, P - Eggs. Babies hatch out of eggs and go into the tummy, then they cut the tummy off to get the baby out and then stick it back on. 

20. How much money do you have? M - lots, P - £2

21. Describe yourself? M - I look like a person, P - I have lots of clothes on

22. Are you bored with this quiz now? Both: YES!

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