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8 things only parents of twins or more can relate to

14th December 2018

  1. The moment when you are looking back at baby photos 
    and you’re not really sure who is who?! Erm, I’m sure that’s you darling?!
  2. You have been asked the question ‘Are they twins?!’ about one million times. No exaggeration!
  3. You hear the words ‘Let me guess which one you are?!’ lots! Yes, let’s play that game AGAIN!
  4. When you are out in public and people give you that look, you know the one where they’re trying to work out if your children are twins, triplets or quads...
  5. Birthdays…trying to ensure all unique personalities are catered for. Oh and that the presents are roughly the same size. (It’s all about the size of the presents!)
  6. When you are trying to get them to sleep at the same time….come on babies, just a little rest for Mummy and Daddy.
  7. When number 6 doesn’t work out remember coffee is your friend…
  8. What an amazingly unique experience it is to raise twins, triplets or more….enjoy, you’re doing a fab job!

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