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Reminders for parents of twins, triplets or more...

14th February 2019

It’s emotional, stressful, overwhelming but oh so lovely to be a parent of twins, triplets or more and sometimes parents just need a little reminder that they’ve got this. So here’s our important reminders to all parents of multiples…

You look fantastic

Yes, even with only two hours sleep!

You’re appreciated

It may not feel like it right now, but you are, every day.

You give the best cuddles

There’s no hug quite like a squeeze from mum or dad

You make things better

If it’s a small graze or a broken heart, you help us fix it

It’s ok to not know it all

We’ll let you into a secret…. Nobody has it ALL figured out!

You know what is best

Trust your parenting instincts that you can do what is best for you and your family

You’re so much fun

Looking back, children remember the fun times so go ahead, release your inner child and goof around.

You’re loved

Temper tantrums and groundings aside, you are so loved

Most importantly, you’re enough

If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, remember it can help to talk to someone. Twinline is open daily 10am – 1pm and again 7-10pm. All our volunteers are parents of multiples and can offer a much-needed listening ear. 📞: 0800 138 0509

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