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Five New Year's Resolutions We've Already Broken...

and One We'll Definitely Keep 

11th January 2018

“I’m going to eat kale with every evening meal, get up early for yoga and sleep nine hours every day.” The funniest lies are the ones we tell ourselves aren’t they?
We’ve come up with five New Year’s resolutions most of us have already broken. But hey, we’ve also come up with the reasons why that’s totally okay. (Answer – we have kids!)
There’s also one to offer a glimmer of hope….one that’s easy to keep!

1. I’m not going to use chocolate/TV/treats as a bribe.

Well, that one went out the window quickly. Notably on day one, when mummy had a “headache from too much grape juice” and wanted to be left alone for a little bit. Preferably a longer bit, but we’re realistic. That show where there is a dog who is a police officer will keep them quiet for 30 minutes.

2. I’m going to stick to my diet religiously.

Until I didn’t have time to eat lunch, suddenly realised I was hungry at 5pm and mouth-vacuumed the kids’ leftovers from dinner. Instead of a healthy apple and homemade vegetable soup, I’ve eaten cold fish fingers and a squashed sandwich I found at the bottom of their school bag. When hubby gets home we’re getting a takeaway.

3. We’re going to sit down and eat at the table as a family.

Actually quite sad this one didn’t last longer than a week. In my head we all sat around the table eating nutritious home-cooked meals while telling each other about our days and having actual conversations. Tablets and phones were safely tucked away in another room and life was like the Waltons, only with central-heating. PAH!

4. I will NOT do the school run looking like a Roald Dahl character or something the cat spat out.

Fail. Having seen so many glamorous-looking parents on a regular basis, I thought I could do it too. But do you know what? Going outside without make-up and straight hair actually makes an empowering statement to my daughters. And that coffee stain could easily pass for a quirky pattern at a passing glance. My kids cuddle me and love me. Everything else pales in comparison.

5. We’re going to get organised as a family and not leave the house looking like a tornado hit.

In my head there were flowcharts and timetables and colour-coded things pinned to the fridge. Everyone knew when it was sports day/art day/cooking day/dress like a Roman day and life was blissful and serene. Cut to a few weeks later when one of them can’t find their left shoe, the little one is crying for her lost doll and my phone alarm is chirpily mocking me with chime bells and cheery things, telling me I’m late. Again.

And finally…..

6. There WILL be a family holiday this year.

Thankfully this is one we can actually keep. Hurrah. We’ve been saving our pennies up and because I’m super brainy and became a Tamba member I’ve got loads of discounts including on….HOLIDAYS. Sunshine and beach here we come!


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