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Do your Babies have "Retro" Names?

4th May 2018

Linda is long-lasting and Stephen has stuck around. It seems some of the most popular baby names in the 1950s are still a top choice for parents today.

The clever peeps at the Office of National Statistics keep records of all these things. So we thought we’d share some with you, to give you inspiration, or to see if your children’s names are standing the test of time. Perhaps you and your partner are on there too?

Take a look…..

Top ten boys’ and girls’ names in 1954 (and their ranking in 2016 in brackets)


1. David (43)   

2. John (120)

3. Stephen (401)

4. Michael (59)

5. Peter (188)

6. Robert (109)

7. Paul (303)

8. Alan (181)

9. Christopher (138)

10. Richard (278)


1. Susan (1525)

2. Linda (1278)

3. Christine (916)

4. Margaret (423)

5. Janet (2547)

6. Patricia (790)

7. Carol (4096)

8. Elizabeth (38)

9. Mary (250)

10. Anne (1086)

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