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7 secrets parents aren't afraid to admit (to other parents) 

22nd June 2018

Children are lovely until you realise they’re yours and you can’t give them back mid meltdown, or before having to read their bedtime story for the 6th time that night.

So when that non-parent friends laughs and says it can’t be that hard, just smile and remember they’ve got it all to come… And they will take back every word!

Here’s 7 secrets that other parents totally understand.

  1. Some days you’ll be counting down the minutes to bedtime (theirs not yours – or maybe yours too!)

 It’s great that you’re raising strong willed children that know what they want  – but it’s exhausting to deal with too!

  1. You enjoyed watching Frozen and that annoying shark song on YouTube

…. The first time! But when you can’t get ‘let it go’ or ‘baby shark’ out of your head at your Monday morning meeting you consider cancelling all future family time.

  1. You miss your social life

Everyone is yelling, everything is sticky and every so often someone is sick somewhere they shouldn’t be…. But that was considered fun when you were at the bar and didn’t have to clean up the mess!

  1. You absolutely do not know what you’re doing

Everyone is envious of the parents on the school run that seem like they have it all together. They don’t exist – they’re actually worrying about how they’re going to hide the mucky handprints their children have left on their work blouse or calculating how much coffee they need to survive on two hours sleep.

  1. You learn to manage with minimal sleep

Whether it’s feeding babies, potty training toddlers or children that are too hot, thirsty or need a wee. Whatever the interruption, know it’s only temporary. Normal sleep will resume when they move into adulthood

  1. Being a parent is gross

But you’ve learnt to accept it. Sick on your face? Standard. Smelly nappy? No biggie! What once left you gagging has now fried your sense of smell anyway so you’re ready to take on anything.

  1. Rules are made to be broken

By you, not the kids. There is no way they can have another biscuit before bed time but you know full well that packet will be finished by you before morning.

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