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Tackling sleep issues

18th November 2017 

Kate Valentine, Course Coordinator.

Sleep (or lack of) can be a real challenge for parents of multiples, and is the most common reason for parents contacting our Twinline service.

Common problems can include one waking the other/s up, early risings, going to sleep too late, use of props to get to sleep e.g. dummies, frequent wakenings, going into the parents’ room at night and moving from cots to beds.  It can be especially hard for parents of multiples to deal with these issues as they are often outnumbered at bedtime, and may well have children with different sleep needs - it often feels like you have finally got one to sleep when the other/s then wakes up!

A lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion for both parents and children and can manifest itself in poor physical/mental wellbeing and in extreme cases can lead to relationship break downs and parents resigning from work as they feel too tired to be effective.  

To support families, Tamba have put together many resources for families having sleep issues including factsheets on Sleep Expectations and Top Tips

We also offer a two part sleep webinar delivered in conjunction with the Children’s Sleep Charity.  The webinar covers all of the most frequent problems mentioned above, and gives parents the opportunity to ask questions to the expert at the end.  The webinar focuses on the 12 months plus age group and attendees receive further handouts on relaxation tips, a good bedtime routine, sleep diaries and a good bedtime environment. 

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Mum of 2 year old twins Cath attended the webinar recently with them taking it in turns to wake up during the night.

"Prior to the webinar, we struggled with a pattern of taking whichever twin was making a noise into our bed so as not to wake the rest of the house up. Following the course, we implemented many of the tips given and consequently our sleep has been so much better over the last couple of months!

We’d also struggled when away from home and had a disastrous Premier Inn experience where nobody slept! After the seminar, we tried again and had a better experience, through prioritising routine throughout the day, especially mealtimes and hand-eye activities before bed.  Much more successful!

Lack of sleep or broken sleep is exhausting, so now we're sleeping better we are coping better and less snappy! We're feeling happy and able to tackle much more than when we were tired!

Thank you Tamba!"


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