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6 things parents of twins or more know about soft play

12th April 2019

Before kids, we were oblivious to the wonders of soft play. Squeezing your fully-grown adult body through obstacles designed only for 4 years old or gymnasts to be able to use. The distinct smell (parents know). That one slide that your kid loves and you’re terrified that you’ll get stuck in.

Parents know soft play all too well…

Visiting a soft play on a Tuesday afternoon with another parent of twins or more could almost be described as a fun catch up. During half term or at the weekend…. You can forget being able to talk over the amount of kids screaming around you.

No matter how crazy and misbehaved your twins seem, soft play is your chance to look at them like they’re angels compared to some of the other children causing chaos.

The day your 18-month-old twins can no longer pass for under 1 and get in free is truly upsetting. This coffee date just got a little more costly.

Seeing other parents getting stuck in the same rollers you just had to force your way out of is more entertaining that anything on tv. Plus, you feel better that it isn’t just you that can no longer fit through those little gaps with ease.

You’re no architect or builder but you can’t help analysing how this structure of rope and fibreglass is holding up full grown adults. Sudden panic sets in when you realise that’s all you’re currently standing on.

Soft play is amazing when you choose to let go of all embarrassment and let your inner child out to play

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