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Do you speak 'Parent'?

19th February 2018 

Dory speaks whale, Dr Dolittle speaks monkey, but do you speak 'parent'?

What we say... vs What we mean...

"Maybe later"

Translation: No

"Ooohh I don't know if we have time for painting today"

Translation: We've just cleaned the carpet. Children will not be painting in this house until 2034.

"That's a lovely picture darling"

Translation: What is it?

"It's not morning yet sweetie"

Translation: It is, but I ain't getting up this early on a Saturday

"Of course they're your shoes"

Translation: They might be your sister's shoes, but I don't care, we're late

"I'll tell you when you're older"

Translation: I'm not prepared for THOSE questions yet

"There isn't any carrots in it"

Translation: Those orange bits ain't sweets kiddo. But I'll get vegetables in you one way or another

"Let's look for it later"

Translation: That noisy toy is already on sale in the charity shop

"It's bedtime"

Translation: It's actually an hour before bedtime, but the battle will be long and hard-fought

"We're almost there"

Translation: This car journey is painfully long. Why did we decide to do this?

"It's your favourite dinner"

Translation: It's not your favourite. It was what was available at short notice

"I never did that when I was your age"

Translation: I did that all the time. And now the Parenting Gods are getting their revenge

"The park is closed today"

Translation: We're going to do the grocery shop today even if it kills me

"When the ice cream van plays the music, it means he's run out of ice cream"

Translation: Mwahahahahahahahaha

"If you're not ready I'm leaving without you"

Translation: Okay, I won't abandon you, but you really need to get a shift on



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