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How "average" is your spending?

28th January 2018

Do you spend £80 on transport per week? Or maybe you find yourself forking out £25 per week on clothing and footwear? If so, you’re an “average” spender!

If your weekly household spending is about £550, then you’re just about average for people living in the UK, according to the latest available figures.

The math whizzes at the Office of National Statistics have revealed a typical household spent £554.20 per week in the financial year ending in April 2017. 

A total of £79.70 of this went on transport. But, perhaps surprisingly, (with all the school runs and 5-a-side games) households without children spent a higher proportion of their total spending on transport than those with children. 

Below are some of the categories and the average spend on each; per household, per week. How do you measure up to the “average” household?

We also found it interesting that the average weekly spending of a 15-year-old was more than three times that of a 7-year-old.

And did you know the average spend of £554.20 could differ by more than £200, depending on whereabouts you live? (In London and the South East it was more than £600, while in the North East is was £437). You’re also more likely to spend less if you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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