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How to prepare twins and triplets for starting school

10th January 2019

Are your little ones about to take that giant leap into school? I bet they can’t wait to go to ‘big school’ while maybe you’re feeling a little bit differently? Excited to have some more ‘me’ time and perhaps some more money due to making a saving on childcare but sad to see your babies growing up, why can’t they be babies forever?

If you’re wondering what you can do to get your twins, triplets or more ready for school, look no further, our lovely parents of twins, triplets or more have provided some top tips to get your little ones ready for school. Here’s some highlights, more can be found on our school readiness factsheet:  

  • This one is a win, win! Encourage children to co-operate with the family rules and to tidy up – not only will you have a tidy house, the teacher will love you for it too!
  • Snooze time! Bedtime routine is important when your multiples start school. A good night’s sleep means they’ll be as bright as a button for learning at school.
  • We all know how important lunch is…spend some time with them helping them to use a knife and fork. If they’re using a lunchbox make sure you practise opening it too!
  • Have a go at counting to 10! There are many fun ways to do this – counting toes at bath time, counting toy cars or counting footsteps.
  • Chat with their Nan, Auntie or Grandad about Mary Poppins, Octonauts or Team Oomi Zoomi – whatever they are passionate about! Encouraging them to have a chat with a familiar adult will hopefully help them to be more confident when talking to different teachers at school.
  • They’ll keep telling you how they are ‘big now’ as they are off to ‘big school’ If they are currently at pre-school would it be possible to give them the opportunity to send them to a pre-school session on their own? It could help them to feel a little more independent. An added bonus is it could potentially give you some one on one time with the other child/children too!
  • Role-playing is fun and also can really help with school preparation too. Why not roleplay encouraging your children to ask an adult if they are thirsty, need the toilet or are hungry rather than their multiple sibling.

If you have concerns about whether your children are ready to start school, take a look at our website as it may be possible to defer/delay their school entry (depends on individual circumstances)

Best of luck to all the parents and children starting school! And for those that have already been there, done that, don’t forget to share your top tips.

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