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Sue's Quilt

13th October 2017

Each patch was carefully thought out and planned and each stitch was carefully sewn with precision.

And now, after months of hard work, grandmother Sue Bamblett has finished her amazing “Quilt of Lost Dreams”.

Sue sadly lost her twin grandsons, Jacob and George Matthews-Rumens, when they passed away at University College Hospital in London. She cradled Jacob in her arms and saw him pass away after just a few minutes of life. George was sadly stillborn a few days later.

Sue came to Tamba’s Bereavement Support Group after her loss and has been an avid supporter of the cause since she learned of its existence.

Now what started out as a small project has blossomed into a stunning, colourful quilt commemorating the lives of 97 babies who sadly passed away, alongside six survivor siblings.

“Whenever I was working on a section, I always felt very connected to the story and the babies involved,” said Sue. “One mum said to me it was nice I got to spend time with her children, and that’s exactly how it felt.

“Other people have said ‘it’s the first time I’ve seen my children represented in something other than by me’.”

In exchange for a donation to the Bereavement Support Group, families were invited to send in names they wanted on the quilt, as well as ideas for any relevant images.

Sue said: “One lady told me she had a termination because the baby was too ill to survive and referred to the baby as Nemo. She also sadly lost twins too, which are stitched as rabbits. She told me how she liked the fact I’d represented them all equally in size, as Nemo was just as important to her as the twins.

“Sometimes I would pick a colour or a piece of fabric and send a photo of it to a mum and she’ll tell me what a coincidence it is I chose that particular thing because that means something to them and their babies – it’s like the babies were involved in the process too!”

A whole menagerie of animals and images are depicted on the quilt, including butterflies, stars, monkeys, snowdrops and even a praying mantis.

Sue said: “I love the idea of a quilt being warm and comforting and also something you would associate with babies too.

“I hope the quilt can help raise awareness about baby loss and Tamba’s Bereavement Support Group.

“It’s been a really moving project to work on and I feel very honoured to have heard the stories behind each patch.”

To visit Sue’s donation page visit https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/sharondarke1

To find out more about Tamba’s Bereavement Support Group visit www.tamba.org.uk/bereavement







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