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Kiss Goodbye to TTTS and Prematurity        

1st February 2017

The January Blues have officially been banished for another year and we’re now into the month of love.

At Tamba we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a month of funny memes, fundraising ideas and stuff to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy. 

But we’ve also got the serious stuff – the reason you joined the Tamba community in the first place – to learn about multiple births and how to manage your pregnancy, those first few years and parenting your multiples through to adulthood

But our hot topic for February is our Big Research Appeal. Because sadly, while many of you have happy, healthy babies to show off to the world, many of you also see your babies battling for life in neonatal care or, sadly, find yourself having to say goodbye to someone who barely got the chance to say hello.

We don’t believe in laying back and accepting this should be the case. Yes, multiple births are more complicated, but that shouldn’t mean we don’t try and do something about it.

This is why our Big Research Appeal exists. We’re raising money to fund research into multiple birth-specific problems, like TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) and difficulties associated with prematurity.

Throughout February we will be doing lots of Valentine’s related updates on social media and let you know what we’re up to.

Our slogan for all of this is Kiss Goodbye to TTTS and Prematurity. So let’s all kiss goodbye to TTTS and prematurity and say hello to February, say hello to love and say hello to hope.

Want to donate now? Thank you so much! Click here to access our Big Research Appeal just giving page. 

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