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Mastering teeth cleaning in 20 (simple?) steps

13th July 2018

Being a parent of multiples means you learn A LOT, and you learn it quickly but some things are hard to master… like brushing your toddler’s teeth.

We’ve narrowed it down to 20 simple steps for easy cleaning, guaranteed to take 30 minutes or less.

  1. Get the twins into the bathroom
  2. Chase after twin 2 as they run away while desperately pleading twin 1 to stay by the sink
  3. Return to the bathroom to realise that a toothbrush has gone missing during this great escape
  4. Go to look for toothbrush
  5. Get distracted by your eldest who can’t find their favourite bedtime story
  6. Find the book, find the toothbrush and head back to the bathroom
  7. Ask twin 1 nicely to open their mouth
  8. Plead with twin 1 desperately to open their mouth
  9. Tickle or bribe twin 1 to get them to open their mouth
  10. Finally, start brushing
  11. Get halfway through before they insist on taking over
  12. Give in and let them bite and destroy the toothbrush for a bit
  13. Dry yourself off a bit from the inevitable toothbrush spray
  14. Beg twin 1 to let you finish the toothbrush challenge
  15. Threaten a visit to the dentist before being allowed to carry on
  16. Repeat steps 8-16 for twin 2
  17. Ask them to get into bed
  18. Get ignored… pick them up and carry them into bed
  19. Head back to the bathroom to clean all the water spray off the floor and walls
  20. Sit on the toilet seat rocking back and forth realising you’ll have to do it all again in the morning


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