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What we want to tell our twins and triplets...

7th May 2019

Make the most of every cuddle

There will be a day where you’re a little big to crawl onto mum or dads lap. And we’ll miss that just as much

It’s no big deal

All those things you’re worrying about won’t matter. In a couple of years, you’ll barely remember that time you tripped in front of your school crush

Make the most of the time you have

Friends and family make life that little bit easier. Enjoy every second you get to spend with them

Go outside

The sun is shining,  it doesn’t happen much in the UK so don’t take it for granted.

Enjoy being carried to bed

When you’re young, passing out on the sofa is ok and we’ll tuck you up. When you come in from a night out partying as a teenager, we’ll probably just check you’re ok and leave you there!

Don’t wish your life away

The reality of being an adult brings different responsibilities, so enjoy going to school and hanging out with friends at the park while you can!

Chase your dreams

Don’t be afraid to go after something you feel passionately about

Be yourself

You are perfect…just the way you are.

Most importantly, you are loved.


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