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14th September 2017

“OINK OINK” – that’s the sound of our hungry piggybank, and he needs your help to get a full tummy. 

With the release of the new £10 note, what better way to mark getting shiny new tenners in your purse/wallet than chucking the old ones our way?

With our #Tenner4Tamba campaign, we’re asking you to donate £10 to Phase 3 of our Big Research Appeal when you receive a new tenner. In return, our piggybank will get full and you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling that you’re doing something amazing for multiple birth families of the future.

We’ve already shown you just how remarkable research can be. This year we launched our Twin Pregnancy Growth Charts, which were made possible thanks to YOU funding the £25,000 research and data collection project. These charts are now being rolled out in hospitals throughout the UK and we’ve had lots of enquiries from medical professionals.

If it wasn’t for research projects, we wouldn’t have medical advancements, life-saving technology and the medicines and treatments needed to save tiny young lives.

Phase 3 of our Big Research Appeal will hopefully see us raise £20,000, which will be matched £1 for £1 by the lovely people at BMFMS (British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society).

The money Phase 3 receives will fund two more pieces of research to complete the seven we set out to fund at the beginning of the appeal.

We’ve already seen how our families and supporters can achieve big things, and with your help we’ll make Phase 3 of the Big Research Appeal bigger and better than ever.

To donate now text “TBIG02 £10” to 70070 or visit justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/tamba/bigresearch. If you’d like to hold your own fundraising event email luciewigley@tamba.org.uk

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