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Three cheers for our amazing fundraisers

14th October 2017

We love hearing about all the events you’ve been doing to raise money for Tamba. Some are challenging feats, others are fun things where the little ones can join in.

So many lovely photographs and stories have been sent to us over the past few weeks, we thought we’d round up a few into a blog.

Maybe you’ll enjoy their stories and be inspired to organise your own event? Or perhaps organising isn’t your thing but you’d like to hear of events we have places for? If you’d like to find out more just email luciewigley@tamba.org.uk

Oxford Half Marathon

Triplet mum Susanna Moan and twin mum Gail Beadnell both took part in the Oxford Half Marathon on 8th October 2017. 

Susanna raised more than £2,000 for Tamba. She completed the race in a staggering 1hr 42 minutes! Perhaps hearing all her little people cheering spurred her on?

We love this picture of her children giving her a big hug at the end and, unsurprisingly, Susanna told us: “The children attracted a fair amount of attention from tourists and spectators too.”

Meanwhile, Gail had her twin daughters Hannah and Lauren encouraging her on. She smashed her original target of £250 and at the time of writing had raised £467 for Tamba, with both online and offline donations.

Gail told us: “I’m not going to say it was easy, it was really hard. But I took it at my own pace and ran every single step without stopping to walk. I even managed a sprint finish.

“My finish time was 2hr 33 minutes which I’m over the moon about.”

Toddle Waddle

Mad About Multiples club in Warrington donned coats and scarves for a Toddle Waddle around Walton Hall and Gardens in Warrington.

The team wrapped up warm and set off on their hike with twins and triplets in tow – some even taking the easy option and getting mum to pull them along in a cart!

Their little legs helped our Big Research Appeal and raised £460 – smashing their original target of £150. Their fundraising page is still live this month (October 2017). If you wish to donate, click here.  

Tamba Fun Day

Our lovely supporters Grace and Jade held a fundraising afternoon for us. There were lots of entertaining events for big people and little people with a tombola, raffle, book sale, cakes and a sponsored leg wax (ouch). Together they raised more than £1000. (The cakes must have been EXTRA yummy!)

Disney princess Moana also sailed across the ocean to join in the festivities too. Huge thank yous ladies!

Great Perkins Run

Richard Paul set himself the challenge of the 13 mile Great Perkins Run to raise money for Tamba. His little ones cheered him on the whole way and met him at the end for a huge congratulatory hug!

After their twins arrived early, they found support in Tamba's free helpline, Twinline. Richard's company DHL have also kindly agreed to match his fundraising.

Rough Runner

Fun House fan? Takeshi’s Castle viewer? Surely you’ve seen Total Wipeout? All these manic obstacle challenge shows inspired The Rough Runner Challenge!

Mud, sweat and tears went into the Rough Runner event, and a group of friends, including Tamba trustees Krista and Heather, raised a staggering £955. 

Can you help take it to £1,000? Just a few more clicks will help the team smash the 1K mark.

And finally….

Congratulations to everyone who has fundraised for Tamba. We simply wouldn’t exist without the support of our families so we’re incredibly appreciative of everything you do.

If you’d like to find out more about fundraising for us, click here.

Need to convince your friends? Here are some reasons why Tamba needs your support. 

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