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You know you're tired when...

9th June 2018

The grandparents offer to babysit so you can go out, so you make exciting plans to be in bed with a hot chocolate and film by 8pm.

You use your shampoo as shaving cream – at least it wasn’t the other way around!

You’re pointing your fob at the car trying to unlock it, only to realise that it’s just a similar looking red car to yours.

The phone rings and it takes you two goes at saying hello to realise you picked up the tv remote instead.

You fall asleep on the loo – it’s a miracle you made it in there alone so what’s the harm in a 5 minute kip?

You look down after stepping into the shower to see you still have your socks on.

Waking up to feed your babies in the night, you try to feed your partner instead.

You set the washing machine to start, but forget to put the dirty clothes in.

You can’t find the phone anywhere… the same one that you’ve been carrying in your hand while turning the house upside down to find it. Other ‘lost items’ may include glasses, keys or a child’s favourite toy!

The pizza has been in the oven for 40 minutes and it’s still practically frozen – you didn’t turn it on!

Pouring orange juice into your coffee instead of milk has become a regular mistake.

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