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4th June 2017

Are you a parent to twins, triplets or more? You've come to the right place. We have lots of information from the moment you find out, all the way through to the adult years. We asked parents of multiples to share their top tips with us and have compiled them for you here.

Did you know Twinline listeners answered 744 calls last year? That’s 10,600 minutes of help and reassurance when you need it most.

All our dedicated and friendly Twinline listeners are parents of multiples, so they aren’t just a voice on the end of the phone – they know what you’re going through because they’ve been there.

They answer a wide variety of calls and no question is a silly one. Twinline is open from 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm every day of the year. We also have an email: asktwinline@tamba.org.uk (telephone number on the lest)

Watch a video of a Twinline listener talking about her role here.

We’ve all been there. You’re either the parent caught in the middle of a tantrum in the supermarket, or you’re the sympathetic onlooker knowing just how it feels.

All children will have days when their behaviour is worse than others.

We’re here to offer support and some tips to help you along your parenting of multiples journey.

Open our behaviour page to find out more.


With so many parents of multiples in the UK, there are thousands of people across the country who know what you’re going through.

Friends and family are great at offering practical help when newborns arrive. But finding a Multiples Club can help you get tips and meet other parents of twins, triplets and more who know the quick fixes and handy cheats when it comes to looking after more than one.

There are local clubs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Find them on our map or list of regions.


Babies cry. It’s a fact of life that sadly offers no comfort when you hear the familiar sound at 3am and it’s your turn to get up.

Thankfully Tamba has some useful sleep pages to make sure your multiples are getting a safe and happy rest.

There is our 0-12 months sleeping page our 1year + sleeping page and you can also sign up to a sleep webinar.


Their sleep patterns as babies won’t be the last differences you notice in your multiples.

At Tamba we love celebrating how unique and individual each child is, regardless of whether they’re a singleton, a triplet or an identical.

We have some handy tips on promoting and encouraging individuality, including information on birthdays, making friends and clothing. 

Visit our individuality page to learn more.

This is a lovely sentiment from a grandparent – it’s amazing what a special bond multiples share.

We know how vital the support of grandparents is, and how much they love getting involved in childcare.

We have a factsheet made especially for grandparents which you can read and download here.

We also have a closed Facebook group so you can chat online to other grandparents of multiples. To join the group email support-team@tamba.org.uk

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