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Twins, Triplets and More Week

9th July 2017

We asked you to share your stories and photos and most importantly what you love most about having twins, triplets and more. You didn't disappoint and shared from far and wide by email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We've loved reading all of them and wanted to share some with you.

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"Their love can conquer all"  



"I just love their special bond and closeness...


...Always working as a team"


  "What a crazy 2 yrs it's been...


...They are fiercely independent young ladies."




"It's such a wonderful relationship to watch develop" 




"Who wouldn't want double

the smiles and love?!"


"It goes by way too fast...

I wished the first year away but I wish I could do it all again"




"They're doing amazingly well and keep us on our
toes for sure with their twin antics"



"My little heroes! 💙 💙 💙"




"Can't remember the first 3 months but they'r
e now fab fun...

...As long as you ignore the arguing!


 "The saying 'If you think my hands are full you should see my heart' is definitely true"


"My identical boys are crazier than all the minions put together! It's the craziness and the funny situations they get into that make it all worthwhile!"




"I used to love sitting outside their bedroom listening to their chatter once they'd gone to bed, or first thing in the morning"




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