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Welcome to the world Kiaan and Kush

28th July 2017

Look at this cheeky twin playing up to the cameras! Just a few minutes old and already trying to grab a piece of the limelight by sticking his tongue out.

The incredible pictures in this collection show a detailed account of a twin caesarean birth. The twin boys, Kiaan and Kush, were born at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London on Thursday, 27th July 2017.

We can probably understand Kush’s eagerness to be cheeky in front of the camera – he was already famous before he was even born!

You see, Kiaan and Kush were the world’s first twins to be scanned using our Twin Pregnancy Growth Charts.

Earlier this month, on 6th July 2017, their mum Mala Vast Dhuri was scanned by Dr Asma Khalil at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. The growth charts Dr Khalil used to measure Mala’s twin boys in the womb were developed thanks to £25,000 in funding from our lovely Tamba supporters. You can read more about them here.

Mala and her husband Kiran have been incredibly supportive of our Twin Pregnancy Growth Chart launch and we’re so pleased they allowed us to photograph their special day. Jenny Burrows from Tiny Shoots kindly agreed to take the pictures. She’s also a Tamba discounter so don’t forget to become a member and visit this page, once you’re signed in, to receive your discount.

Since we launched the growth charts on 6th July, we’ve received lots of enquiries from hospitals, midwives and healthcare professionals eager to upload them onto their systems. Thank you for all your enquiries. Please do keep them coming in!

“Twincredible” video shows the caesarean birth of identical twin boys


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Here are two links to some of the publicity we have received….

Mirror Online: “I’m over the moon” 

Huffington Post: “An extremely important day for foetal medicine”

The growth charts are available for hospitals to use and we want as many healthcare professionals as possible to download them. If you’re expecting twins, ask your sonographer if they’re using the charts. If they haven’t heard of them, encourage them to contact Tamba on enquiries@tamba.org.uk or show them this page.

For Healthcare Professionals

Tamba’s Twin Pregnancy Growth Charts are available on the latest versions of GE Viewpoint and Astraia systems. If you have these systems but are struggling to download the charts, please contact your service providers directly. Alternatively, click here to email Viewpoint providers GE Healthcare or here to contact Astraia.

If you’re using a system we haven’t listed here, please email enquiries@tamba.org.uk

We’ve been asked how the growth charts were developed. They were the result of a detailed piece of research by Dr Asma Khalil and her colleagues. Click here to read the research paper. 

For Media

If you’d like to feature these photographs and information about the growth charts in your media publication, website or blog please email pressoffice@tamba.org.uk and we’ll be happy to send you a download link and press release.



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