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11 extra positives to having twins, triplets or more

24th April 2019

It can be quite a shock when you find out it’s twins or more. It is totally normal to feel worried so we’ve come up with lots of positives to help get you excited for their arrival.

The extra help

When friends and family find out it’s twins,  they’re so excited to help  - offers to sit down, snacks, little errands.

Holding them

For those who know how lovely it is to hold a calmly sleeping baby in your arms, imagine two. Your heart will burst

Feeling special

Being a parent of twins, triplets or more makes you part of a very special club

Watching them grow

Seeing their similarities and differences come out as they grow up will always bring a smile to your face. 

The backup

Twins and triplets grow up with a special bond and unspoken rule of ‘I’ve got your back’- parties, school, holiday club.

Being stronger

Physically and mentally. Some days seem long but looking back at everything you achieve as a parent of twins, triplets or more will make you feel so proud.

Being the same age

A cinema trip is much easier when your children are the same age – no trying find a film to suit a 5-year old that also entertains a 9-year-old.


While it is important to make sure each child feels important on their special day, we can’t lie that only having to remember one date makes life a little easier

No more gym

No need to renew that membership. Carrying two babies around is enough weight training for us.

The perfect excuse

No one expects you to be on time. With two or three babies to get out the door

All the love

Double the cuddles, double the happiness, double the love.

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