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Twins with different dads

30th January 2019

One of our trustees has been hitting the headlines this week with his incredible, heart-warming story.

Simon Berney-Edwards, who has been a trustee of Tamba for 10 months, and husband Graeme are both proud biological dads of twins.

This has been made possible thanks to fertility treatment in America where two eggs from an anonymous donor were fertilised by both Simon and Graeme and then implanted into a surrogate at the same time.

Whilst not available at fertility clinics in the UK, it is in America much to Simon and Graeme’s surprise and delight.

Simon said: “We couldn’t decide on who would be the biological father. Graeme said it should be me but I said he had just as much right as I did.

“Then the clinic we went to in Las Vegas said it could be both of us. This was amazing news!”

Their surrogate was Meg from Canada. The 32-year-old is already a mum of two boys but after a relationship break down she wasn’t ready for another baby.

Caring Meg wanted to help a couple have children of their own and says her heart melted when she saw the smiling profiles of Simon and Graeme on the surrogacy website. An agreement was made for Meg to be their ‘Tummy mummy’.

Simon and Graeme honeymooned in Canada and met Meg for the first time.

“Meeting Meg was like being reunited with a long-lost sister.,” said Simon. “She wrapped us both in a big huge hug before introducing us to her two adorable boys.

“We told her we were so grateful – she was changing our lives.”

The two embryos, frozen since being fertilised six months before, were implanted into Meg. Everyone was unsure if both would work, but at an early scan Meg confirmed she was carrying twins whilst both dads watched avidly on Facetime.

Simon and Graeme travelled to Canada again for the 19-week scan and were able to feel the babies kicking. The pregnancy was progressing well until at 31 weeks Meg feared she was going into labour.

The couple caught the first flight to Canada, a week earlier than they’d planned, but it was a false alarm. They stayed and supported Meg until the birth which took place five weeks later and both were able to be right by Meg’s side.

Simon said: “It was the most amazing experience of our lives. Alexandra was born first and Calder arrived minutes later.

“When we held them for the first time we couldn’t believe we were both daddies! We knew pretty much straight away who was whose daddy! Calder was the double of Graeme and Alexandra the image of me.”

The couple flew home with the twins seven weeks later, sadly saying goodbye to Meg. But they all kept in touch and Meg even flew to the UK for their first birthday.

Simon said: “It was incredibly special having her there to celebrate the twins’ special day with us. We can’t thank her enough. She has enabled us both to become daddies. It’s a wonderful gift.”

Simon credits Tamba with offering him and Graeme fantastic support when it comes to bringing up the twins, so much so that it compelled him to give something back to the charity.

“Being members of Tamba has been invaluable. We’ve lapped up all the advice, guidance and support on offer, as well as the brilliant discounts on offer!

“Then when I saw the advert for a trustee I knew immediately that’s how I could help them by bringing my digital work skills to the charity. I’m super proud to be part of the kind, caring, supportive and non-judgemental Tamba family.”

Simon, Graeme, Alexandra and Calder will be on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC 2 on Wednesday February 13th at 10am

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