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Things you'll do as a parent when they leave for uni

18th November 2018

We tell them we can’t wait for some peace and quiet and then beg them to come home when they leave for uni….

How many of these things have you done since they left?

  • Went to get your weekly shop and came back with huge multipacks of food even though you know, weeks later, they still won’t be finished
  • Decided you really don’t need the 24 bags of crisps and insist on sending them the ones you don’t eat… plus some pasta…. And bread… and they might also need milk
  • Stalked their Insta page to see where they went last night
  • Text them… and then sent another text 4 minutes later when they haven’t replied
  • Waited another minute and then decided to stalk their Facebook page to see if that would explain the lack of response
  • Gathered up the odd socks, hair grips and Xbox games that have been lost for years
  • Phoned them to tell them about the miraculous appearance of these items only to feel slightly disappointed that they don’t seem bothered
  • Put your phone down for a second and then went into a mild panic when you realise you’ve missed a phone call from them
  • Phoned them back, called their friends and thought about calling their halls, to then get a text saying it was an accident and they pocket dialled you
  • Sat in their old room and thought about what you will do with the space when they decide they’ve officially moved out
  • Decided to keep it the same even after being told to do what you want…. Just in case they change their mind and come back to you


Twins Jess and Dan Cripps left home – and each other – for the first time to start universities hundreds of miles apart. They spoke to us about how they felt here.

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